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The 2017 Cayeux Catalogue has been published!

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Our new iris catalogue has just been printed and the first copies will be sent to our faithful clients as of 3rd of April.

This catalogue is quite unique in Europe and lists 661 iris varieties: tall bearded irises, intermediate bearded irises, standard and miniature dwarf bearded iris but also Iris Sibirica and Water irises.

Over 200 varieties are Cayeux hybrids introduced between 1906 and 2017, which is a token of quality and, for us, the pride of perpetuating a French tradition dating back to the 19th Century.

In the event you don’t receive the catalogue by the 15th of April, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy. And if you know of people who might be interested, please give us their address so we can send them the catalogue.

You can also choose to discover our irises at the following exhibits:

In England:

  • at the Chelsea Flower Show between 22st and 27th May
    • In France:

      • Daily, the whole month of May, at our Nursery (including week-ends and holidays) near Gien, at Poilly-lez-Gien (La Carcaudière – route de Coullons)
      • Château de Tauzia (10kms from Bordeaux) : 7th, 8th and 9th April
      • Plant Festival of St. Jean de Beauregard (Les Ulis – Essonne ): 21st , 22nd + 23rd April
      • Iris exhibit at La Ferté Loupière (Yonne): 19th,20th+ 21st May
      • Iris Festival held at Château de Pesselières near Sancerre (Cher): 27th+ 28th May

      In Italy:

      • The Orticolario Plant Exhibition at Cernobbio on the banks of Lake Como: 1st + 2ndOctober