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Joy de Rohan Chabot
Joy de Rohan Chabot

In May 2011 two renowned artists came and chose in our fields the fledging irises that we had promised to name after them: Joy de Rohan Chabot, creator of remarkable bronze and objects in glass, and Dietmar Brixy, a very well-known contemporary painter from Germany. We are very honoured to be able to associate two of our new creations with these big names in the artistic world.

From the end of February, the totality of our new iris collection for 2012 will be on our website www.iris-cayeux.com and thus you will be able to be one of the first to order these new iris, which combine beauty, hardiness and ease of culture.

As for our printed 2012 catalogue, it should be printed by 15th March. If you havenít ordered for a long time you may no longer be on our mailing lists, so donít hesitate to ask for a copy.