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When and how long do they flower?

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Mer du Sud in a mixed border
Mer du Sud in a mixed border

“Irises are beautiful but they don’t really last long”: a comment we often hear but which we constantly like to refute, reminding people that, for instance, however beautiful they may be, peonies are rather more ephemeral. In fact, the average flowering period of a tall bearded iris is of around 3 weeks from the first bloom to the last one, as long you chose quality varieties which have many buds that will flower one after the other (varieties with buds all opening at once would not do).

There is another way ensure you can enjoy your irises longer: chose varieties from different categories (miniature dwarf, dwarf, intermediates and tall bearded) and within each of these categories, you need to choose varieties which have a staggered flowering period to make this last over time. In this way, you could have white irises, blue or yellow ones, and finally, irises to suit your taste from early April right through to the first days of June.

A reminder : the different flowering periods by category (within the Paris area)

Miniature dwarf bearded iris: Beginning April till 20th of April

Standard dwarf bearded iris: 15th of April till 8th of May

Intermediate bearded iris: 30th of April till 20th of May

Tall bearded iris: 10th of May till 10th of June