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May the best iris win

Black Suited
Black Suited

In May,we invited those of you who came to visit our display gardens to take part in a "Best Iris competition" which was organised as part of Cayeux’s 120th anniversary.

Thus, around 500 people took part, giving us their "top ten", out of the 400 varieties of tall beardeds on display this Spring. After a careful and extensive vote counting procedure, here are the public’s ten favourites:


1°- Black Suited (Innerst 2000 – USA)

6°- Ma Pomme (Cayeux 2011)


2°- Ciel et Mer (Cayeux 2008)

7°- Andalou (Cayeux 1994)


3°- Noctambule (Cayeux 2007)

8°- Poil de Carotte (Cayeux 2010)


4°- Faïence de Gien (Cayeux 2011)

9°- Torero (Cayeux 2005)


5°- Badlands (Schreiner 2003 – USA)

10°- Provençal (Cayeux 1978)

Ciel et mer
Ciel et mer

It is rather interesting to note that the iris enthusiasts’ choices resemble that of the professional judges: over half of the chosen varieties have won awards during the Munich, Florence or Franciris competitions.

One also finds that the top 5 are rather cold tints, with black standing out, whilst the following 5

are warm and brilliantly tinted irises.

Finally, we are honoured to find that 8 out of the 10 winners are varieties which were created by the Cayeux family between 1978 and 2011… which also brings us to point out, with a hint of chauvinism, that only 30% of the varieties on display are French!

If you wish to acquire these wonderful irises, you can do so until the beginning of October (with the exception of ‘Poil de Carotte’ and ‘Faïence de Gien’ which are victims of their own popularity).