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August: the ideal month to plant irises

Golden Egde
Golden Egde

We are going toward the second half of summer, nights have lengthened, temperatures are less stifling, all of which is excellent! The conditions are perfect for planting irises which will give us a colourful spring in 2016.

In my opinion, this is the best time to plant them, always respecting the following basic rules:

Plant in the sunniest area possible

Select a well-drained spot (if the soil is heavy, bring humus, coarse sand or lime to lighten it; plant each iris on a small hill).

The rhizome should remain almost exposed (no more than 1cm of soil above the rhizome)

August is also the adequate season to plant the wonderful Iris Sibirica, with their exquisite, simple flowers in many different and very pure shades of blue. They enjoy slightly humid soils and regular watering (no more than once a week), and are excellent companions to other perennials. Our collection of 2015 includes just short of 30 varieties in this category and you should test them!

Richard Cayeux