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” We don’t mind the drought! »

Pesselières (Cayeux 2016)
Pesselières (Cayeux 2016)

That’s what bearded iris would tell you if they could speak. Between the beginning of May and the 20th of July our fields only got a few millimetres of rainfall and our temperatures have several times been described as real heat waves. Our ground has hardened and has the texture of cement and yet, for the most part, the irises have adjusted quite well.

Undoubtedly due to the fact that they are of mixed origins and Mediterranean, their rhizomes enjoy basking in the sun and they don’t thrive in the shade. Indeed we must repeat that IRIS SHOULD BE PLANTED THROUGH THE SUMMER, FROM THE END OF JUNE TILL THE END OF SEPTEMBER!

This being said, if they are exposed to temperatures of over 40°C with no rainfall at all, they will enjoy a bit of watering: water them 3 times a month and they will be satisfied.

This is the same for new plantations: water them well at the time of planting and then 3 times a month. This shows that irises are water savers and should encourage you not to delay planting them.

Richard Cayeux