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Gold in London and double victory in Paris

Let’s take a close look at these two flowering season events, both held in spring 2015, which have rewarded the hard work and rigor we put into creating new varieties.

Our 11th year taking part in the Chelsea Flower Show and finally a Gold medal

Taking part in this world renowned exhibition is already to obtain major recognition for a French horticulturist. To get a Gold medal is nothing less than the Holy Grail!

Our perseverance has finally paid off, as creating worthy varieties, showcasing them over 25 square meters, having brought them over by the expected date whilst in full bloom, constitutes a major challenge. This is nothing short of a top-level sporting performance!

British Iris lovers who have been following us since 2004 immediately showed their great satisfaction by sending us numerous emails. We can’t thank them enough.

We can already tell you we intend to contend for this prize again in May 2016 and ideas are already beginning to sprout.

‘Barbe Noire’ (Cayeux 2013) is awarded a double victory at the International Paris 2015 Contest

In 2013, 113 varieties were sent from the four corners of the world to be judged this spring at the Parc Floral in Vincennes, (Paris), after 2 years being grown. Our ‘Barbe Noire’ variety was given the highest seal of approval by both the professional judges who came from 5 different countries, and the public (480 votes) who had selected it as the grand winner.

In the introductory piece of our 2015 catalogue, we evoke the intensification of our research work to develop new varieties as well as our place as a leader in Europe, within our specialty. ‘Barbe Noire’ is living proof of this success.

In 2012, we have carried out numerous crosses on this iris, as it combines all the necessary qualities of an excellent variety. The first results came last May, and they are very promising. As the old saying goes: “good seed makes a good crop”!

Richard Cayeux