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Letís be positive...

An everlasting winter and a spring which has trouble settling in is enough to make the most dedicated and talented of gardeners go mad!

Nevertheless, the iris flowering period is nearly upon us: the standard dwarf irises bravely offer their corollas up to the stormy skies these last few days, whilst the standard iris buds grow unfailingly upwards, still protected by their vast leaves.

Soon, colour will take over this overwhelmingly green setting... . After all, two weeks delay isnít that bad. We therefore invite you to come for a stroll in our brightly coloured patches as of around the 15th, where we expect full blooming to take place around the 29th of May.

Do come and take part in the election of the publicís favourite iris for 2013!

Impervious to the morose environment and used to Mother Natureís mood swings, our latest creations wait in great expectation for your visit and your casting vote.

Many 2013 creations will also be shown at the Chelsea flower show where you will find our stand located in the Great Pavilion C6.