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The 2013 Catalogue has arrived

Ever increasingly complete, the 2013 edition has just come out: 600 varieties of bearded irises have been selected or created for you with great care.

Within the catalogue’s 84 pages, you will discover 412 varieties of tall bearded irises, 74 intermediate irises, 83 standard dwarf irises and 31 miniature dwarf irises. It is our job to study and select what’s best in the world of modern irises, going from the most recent new varieties to the great timeless classics. Our objective: to offer you a collection which is well balanced in terms of colour and size, and, most importantly, valuable varieties which will embellish your garden.

A third of the tall bearded irises in this collection has been created by two generations of the Cayeux family. Apart from the obvious pride we feel in having developed this amazing range, this very fact in itself is a pledge to the gardener who can expect to acquire plants which are adapted from their inception to our European climates (our varieties are successfully grown from Finland to Greece).

Finally, in 2013, we put 3 “historic” Cayeux varieties forward: once again, our aim is not to make a “retro” fashion statement, but rather, to present you with some of the oldest iris varieties (known as “historics”) which still have their place in contemporary gardens.