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The early tall bearded varieties are flowering

Ma Mie
Ma Mie


Nature has had the wonderful idea in allowing us to create early flowering, mid-season and late flowering varieties. The first ones to flower this spring were ‘Rosalie Figge’ and ‘Buckwheat’ which is to be expected because they are re-blooming varieties boasting two growing cycles yearly!

Among the early flowerers I really appreciate, I will name ‘Ma Mie’ created by Ferdinand Cayeux in 1906 and ‘Irisades’ introduced just over a century later by myself in 2008.

The illustrated varieties are:

Ma Mie (Cayeux 1906) and Irisades (Cayeux 2008). Both can be found on our website www.iris-cayeux.com www.cayeux-irises.com

If you come and visit our display beds it might be the opportunity to order irises: a 5% discount is given to visitors on their orders placed on the spot and a further 15% are sent in gift irises!

Our varieties will also be shown between the 19th and 21st of May at La Ferté Loupière (Yonne) and at the Iris Festival at Château de Pesselières (near Sancerre) on the 27th and 28th of May (rhizomes will be sold on our stand). Don’t miss these delightful events!