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Planting irises in November? Is that feasible?

It’s obviously preferable to plant bearded irises before the autumn, however, in the Southern regions, in the Southwest and by the Atlantic coast, planting during the month of November will work fine.

In other regions and for those diehard types, planting at this time of the year implies having to protect rhizomes from the frost, either by covering the irises-up with soil or with mulch (a good layer of leaves, of bark, straw, a wintering veil, etc.). These kinds of protections should be absolutely removed around mid-March.

A little glimpse of our 2016 new varieties

There are 18 (17 tall beardeds and 1 intermediate), many of them the offsprings of our “Ciel Gris sur Poilly’ (‘Pesselières, ‘Pistes Bleues’, Fascinant’). They are really original and we think they will prove to be a good start towards new colourings or new colour combinations.

Although they will only be available for sale at the start of 2016, this little glimpse will certainly brighten-up your winter.

Richard Cayeux