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Breeding, more breeding and yet more breeding so as to create new irises and modify the looks of our gardens year after year..

We have registered 15 new irises « made in Poilly » for 2015: 13 tall bearded and 2 intermediates. Today we will unveil 3 of them: 07 44A, 05 255B and 06 160C. The first 2 digits indicate the year the cross was made, so you can measure the time it takes to launch our new varieties.

New varieties for deliveries starting June 15th 2015. Limited stock.


Prince Eugène (Cayeux 2015)
Prince Eugène (Cayeux 2015)

0744 A will now be known as PRINCE EUGÈNE:

With its white standards and wide, bright raspberry border on the falls, it is one of our favourites for 2015. With 4 stems and an average of 9 buds, this variety is a “must”! We thank its famous Godfather, Prince Napoleon, for accepting that this iris be named after him. (Mid season, 85cm, €20.-)

Délicieux Caramel (Cayeux 2015)
Délicieux Caramel (Cayeux 2015)

05255 B as appetizing as fudge is named DÉLICIEUX CARAMEL

Pure white standards and wide, deep caramel-coloured falls forming a perfectly precise contrast. Low-branched stalks: 4 branches and 10 to 11 buds on average. The best amoena to be found in these honey and copper tones. (Mid-season, 90cm, €16.-)

Bientôt l'été (Cayeux 2015)
Bientôt l'été (Cayeux 2015)

06160 C signals the arrival of summer; therefore it will be called BIENTÔT L’ÉTÉ

Pure light yellow standards and white falls with a wide, dark blue-violet brim. Orange beards sometimes lengthened by a violet spoon and surrounded with yellow markings. Very strong substance. Well-branched stalks carrying 8 buds. (Very late, 80cm, €15.-)